Statement of Commitment to Live and Work

Australia is the finest country in the world to live or work as engineers with high salaries in MNC companies. This is the reason a maximum number of engineers trying to for Australian immigration. But it’s not as you think in your country like India, Gulf country (UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi, etc.) if you got a job in any state of Australia such as QLD (Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania or South Australia and other as well), you have to submit commitment statement in a given sample. There are different reasons for a statement of commitment to live or work in the state with a proper description. Here it matters how to write a commitment statement. Requirements for applicants applying for skilled state nomination are the submission of a commitment statement to work and live. The assessing body did not set any examples, samples, or format for writing a statement of commitment to work. However, they are going to see some parameters which are explained further.

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When you start writing the commitment statement, make sure you have researched the below parameters

Employment (some occupations may be specialized and there may be fewer opportunities available depending on the location and current demand).

  • Climate
  • Health/medical services
  • Study/schooling options
  • Lifestyle
  • Facilities
  • Cost of living
They want to see
  • a statement, in your own words, which outlines your reasons for wanting to migrate to a chosen region and continue to live in the states of Australia, including:
  • Why particular states?
  • Your preferred town/ region (including a postcode) and why?
  • If onshore, your life in states, including work, study, and community involvement
  • Any other personal circumstances that are relevant to your application, such as plans, employment, family, friends, and home country situation.
  • As a guide, try to keep your statement to less than two pages. Please remember there is no set template for writing a commitment statement.
We do not want to see:
  • Copy and paste information from websites.
  • Quoting statistics.

As part of applying for nomination, you must provide a commitment statement to Australia’s

The statement should:
  • demonstrate your commitment to living and working in your skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation in the States for at least two years from when the visa is granted
  • explain in your own words why you want to live in the States
  • explain how the state lifestyle would suit your way of life more than that of any other city in Australia
  • be a maximum of two pages.

This statement is required for all applicants including state graduates and state residents.

We Cover All States for Commitment Statement for Work in Australian

  • Commitment statement for Queensland (QLD
  • Commitment Statement for Tasmania (TAS)
  • Commitment Statement for Northern Territory (NT)
  • Commitment statement for New South Australia (NSA)
  • Commitment statement for NSW (New South Wales)
  • Commitment statement for Victoria (VIC)
  • Commitment statement for Canberra
  • Commitment statement for Western Australia
  • Commitment statement for ACT (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Commitment statement for Orana Region
  • Commitment statement for RDA Southern Inland Region

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Commitment Statement Sample for States in Australia

Name: Andrew Robert
Address: No1AssignmentHelp.Com, Sydney, Victoria, Australia
Email Id:
To whom it may concern,
RE: 190 Visa Applications

I, Andrew Robert of [ADDRESS], a citizen of [COUNTRY], wish to get the Australian Permanent Residency Status. I want to get state sponsorship for the skilled nominated visa (Subclass 190) from Victoria. I prefer to settle in the town (Postcode) of Victoria.

Victoria is the second smallest state in Australia but with the Capital Melbourne, the second largest city and my choice for living here are the attractive conditions that Victoria provides to its people. I find it to be a good choice to settle here because of the various living opportunities that Victoria is offering and providing to its people. In my view, the unemployment ratio is very low here which is around 6.1% which means it’s are a lot of job opportunities that mean more people will have money in their pockets and only a few people are not on Job making it an ideal home for salaried person. With the advancement and pace of the Engineering Industry, Victoria has great exposure and a bright future for Engineers. As per my field and experience, I found it to be the best opportunity provider. If I settle here, I will get a stable and better future.

They are focusing more on every point for the betterment of the state so better railway systems and the best roads are making your living in Victoria convenient and easy, which is my main attraction towards applying for this state.

Victoria has one of the finest hospitals and health care centers which means healthier lives. Victoria is a multicultural society having homes for many people from different communities and religions and having friendly people with an attitude of helping each other. The best part is that it has a very low crime rate and is decreasing day by day so everyone wants a place to live in where their life and goods are saved. Victoria's government always welcomes immigrants warmly they are taking many initiatives to increase skills and business, particularly in regional and rural areas which means full support and guidance to you upon your arrival. Victoria living offers you a wide range of environments for enjoyment like mountains, deserts, beaches, and temperate rainforests within comfortable commuting distance especially from Melbourne. Finding a house is easy as there are online estate companies that can rent or purchase a house with just a click although Melbourne has faced a recent price boom in properties property prices are affordable. So, I found it more convenient to get a resident here being a new migrant. While living in Victoria you can choose the surroundings and lifestyles that best suit you because you have a diverse range.

Climate conditions in Victoria are the best as you can enjoy four seasons warm summer, glorious spring, mild autumn and crisp winter with its variable climate conditions it has become the ideal place to live. Collectively, I found Victoria best for living here due to its climate condition, better Job opportunities, better lifestyle, minimum crime rate, best health facilities, and transportation facilities, and all these amenities make this state an ideal place to make your home.

If my profile is not suitable for getting sponsorship from this region, I am ready to move to other parts of Australia for my initial settlement and as per the standards of the immigration department.

Andrew Robert

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