Work Experience Statement for NER Australia

No1AssignmentHelp.Com provides NER work experience statement (WES) for Engineers Australia. NER is commonly called National Engineering Register in Australia. This is just for engineering membership in Australia through EA assessment. Engineers should write WES statement in chronological order with at most recent and relevant experience. First of all, you should know you are applying for which engineering filed registration. It’s being done by NER just to confirm candidates are comfortable in technical competencies and you are doing it in an ethical manner. Engineers are asked to follow guidelines and see samples and examples of work experience statement before start writing it. You should describe mainly roles and responsivities along with achievement. Sometimes it has been observed that candidates careers are lengthy so in that case, you can group together at the end of work experience statement. For each job positions, you have to include roles and responsibilities of each post, positions tile with deadline and employers name with complete address. Under achievement section, you should add your occupation skills, abilities and knowledge along with accomplishments pointed in self-assessment sheet.

Achievement points:-

  • Products, projects programs, systems or services you worked before
  • Problem and opportunities in a particular situation you faced back Method you used to resolve issues
  • Over duties undertaken
  • Action plan you took to solve case Results you achieve
  • Special skills you used in the project

Note: – there is the option to submit self-assessment worksheet with NER Application, and engineering competencies are categories by four areas such as

  • Your technical proficiency
  • Your commitment
  • Your value in the workplace
  • Your obligation to the community

What to add in Professional Referee Details

At the end of your NER work experience statement, you need to include the details of two professional referees who worked with you before as Engineers Australia may contact to discuss your work experience and claims of competence.

Your referees:

  • must have known you for at least 12 (twelve) months;
  • must have an engineering qualification, and at least five years’ experience in your field;
  • He may be your supervisor, mentor, other senior colleague or an engineering client; and
  • Should preferably be a member of Engineers Australia(EA)

One referee should be to be from your current company. The other referee should be from your current company if you have been with the current employer for more than five years.

If you have changed organisation more recently, the other referee may be from a previous company where you worked within five years before lodgment of your file. The referee can be an external mentor, but should not be a just a friend from your company.
You need to furnish below details about referee

  • Title
  • Given Name
  • Surname
  • Organisation
  • Position/Title
  • Professional relationship
  • E-mail
  • Mobile #
  • Phone #

Professional Referee Statement by Statutory Declaration
In some circumstances, if for a genuine reason , you are unable to provide referee details you may submit an adequately witnessed Statutory Declaration instead of a referee statement. The Statutory Declaration must state that your work experience statement(WES) for NER, and acquired competency self-assessment if provided, represents an accurate reflection of your career history and current competence. Engineers Australia (EA) reserves the right to not accept or rely upon a Statutory Declaration

Occupation Category for NER Australia

The NER will cater for nineteen (19) areas of practice aligned to demonstrate professional competence and experience.

  • Aerospace Engineering Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering Environmental Engineering
  • Information, Telecommunications and
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

The following NER Areas of Practice are accessible ONLY to Chartered members of Engineers Australia and non-members of Engineers Australia who have completed a Stage 2 competency assessment.

  • Amusement Rides and Devices In-Service Inspection
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Heritage and Conservation Engineering
  • Leadership and Management
  • Naval Architecture
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Pressure Equipment Design Verification
  • Subdivisional Geotechnics

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