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Research, in simple terms, means to search answers for your questions. It is a systematic way of finding solutions to your formal questions. Development economics assignment topics will enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge practically. Is it okay to see the problem and leave it unanswered? No, every item must be found an answer. After a research question has been answered, let others know your answer which might help them that’s why we provide help on economics writings.

So, to begin with, a student must first think of a research question. Once the students find research questions the next step is to find an answer to those questions, there are few methods on how to find solutions. The two most used methods are theoretical and empirical; the main difference between these two methods is the way how questions are being answered. In academic, research questions are responded to base upon the theory, an assumption or hypothesis is first made, then followed by searching for theoretical background and an answer is found. This method is used when proper data is not available. When information is available, the empirical formula is used. The practical approach has two types of how data can be analyzed, observation and experimental. The observational empirical way is where any external variables do not manipulate data, or any intervention is given, information is taken only by observing the present scenario and correlated with past or watching over a period and concluding.

In the MBA/Diploma assignment topics on Development economics empirical method, the experiment is performed where manipulation of external and internal variables is done to determine how manipulation influences the scenario. If the Students are not given any specific field or topic for the assignment, students can do Development economics writing on how to examine either the effects of an organization’s policy on society ’s resource allocation or students can study how or why the plan was adopted at first. Students must focus on analysis of a collective decision making entity that should be an electorate (citizen or constituency), a legislature (assembly or parliament authorities), a bureaucracy (civil service or government officials) or executive agency, a court, an “informal” government, a club, a committee or board, or even a supranational organization. Alternatively, students can inquire on the set of the constitution (rules) of a particular institution in case of studying a specific policy or decision is complicated, which regulates the process of decision making. In this case, you can explain either the origin of the constitutional laws or how final choices are affected by the legal requirement.

How to Write Development Economic Assignment for MBA/Diploma

There are many topics under which development economics writing paper or any research paper should be written. They are an introduction, a review of the literature, data, identification strategy, results, and discussion of results, conclusion, references, and appendix.


Begin with what the current scenario is the world is dealing with, in your research question, give reasons for why is this paper unique from an economic perspective. Explain the need for the reader to invest time in your writing along with the hypothesis. Elaborate on what is your paper’s contribution to society.

Review of literature:

Discuss previous research papers that are directly or indirectly related to your writing. Preparing a literature review will widely depend on your assignment paper, that might include an extensive search either from an entire library or a single research paper. Write on how other research papers are relevant to yours and how does it differ from others. This section helps you build a foundation for your research work and enables your job to become familiar to you.

Data description or methodology:

Describe any ethical considerations, the number of data and observations, data collection and the duration of the data collection and the research paper. Write about the type of document or research method that you have used to carry out this paper. Relate your observed data with your hypothesis or assumption.

Identification strategy:

In this selection, you must write about how data are estimated based on causal effects. Focus on the theoretical basis for paper and explain how you acquired a specification for your research question. Explain each group presenting with tables.


Present parameters of your results directly. Always represent your results using a graph or a figure along with descriptive data. It is not just enough to present your results in a chart or value because it can be difficult for everyone to understand the table, hence no matter how much graphical representations you explain is the must.


Though your research paper has a robust finding of the constitutional laws or policy and its effects on the institution, you should make a Judgement. You should rely upon the current economic facts, compare and analyze it along with your results. You should also include here about limitations or shortcomings in your study. You can also add upon scope for further research from your research paper.


The conclusion should be written in short or brief. A detailed explanation like results is not required. Relate your introduction with an end so that it will easy for everyone to understand better. Mention only important findings.


Reference is a space where you will acknowledge the authors from where you have derived the article by citing inside the paper and adding author’s name, the name of the title and published year and the journal where it was released. Type of reference you should use depends upon the source of information. For instance, a piece of information is derived from a book then referencing style will be as follows. National science foundation. Research and development in industry. Washington, DC: US. Government printing office, 1992.

Here the name of the Author or Name of the foundation is written in bold letters followed by Title of the book, Name of the name, Name of the press and Year of publication.


In this section, you can add material that gives more information about your research paper.

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