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The study of actions and effects of distribution, production, consumption, etc. of the services and goods in our society by the science that is related to the community is called “Economics”. The paper that is presented by the research and assignment done on the economics that takes place and circle around the society is called Economics research assignment. This Economics research paper is usually submitted by students, researchers, experts, philosophers, professors, etc. and others who are in the field of economics and fields or departments that are related to economics. The main facts of economics focus on the interacting ways, behaviour and actions of the agents of economics and the idea or method of working in the field of economics. The area of microeconomics focuses on the elements and factors that are considered to be a part of the primary region in the society. It also includes the individuals of the field of economics such as marketing people and promoting agents, their way of interacting in the community, and its effects and results, etc.

The promoting agents who are of the individual area include factors such as firms, household, buyers, sellers, etc. On the contrary, to the microeconomics, there is another area called macroeconomics. The field of macroeconomics plays the main role in analysing the whole sector of the economy through the use of production in an aggregated level, the capacity of consumption, the rate of savings and the speed or amount of investment and the various issues or problems that affect it’s rate which also includes the resources of unemployment category such as land, capital, growth, labour, growth in the price of economy, inflation capacity, policy of public, etc. which addresses the issues of finances, monetary and the other areas of systems that are related to this Paper

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The other distinctions that are broadly mentioned in the area or field of economics includes the factors and rates that are said between the economics of positiveness, giving a clear-cut explanation of what this is related to, and economics of normative kind of type, exploring it’s valued and causes if what it might be and should be, distinguishing between the factors of behavioural and rational sort of economics, and also distinguishing between the elements of mainstream economics and heterodox kind of economics.

The term of economics was renamed or re-framed in the 19th century of the late period due to the main reason of the expert and economist Alfred Marshall from the term Political economics to Economics. The main motive of changing the term of “Political economics to Economics” with the suggestion and advice of the expert and economist Alfred Marshall was to make it shorter and spelled easily by both the general people and the expert or economist too.

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The researchers or experts who research on the topic or field of science is called “Economists”. These people who are called “Economists” consider and undertake their main work as producing knowledge by the use of-of establishing their the conditions required for a good start, which possess a capacity to lead to a fact where the sources of utility under the society which could not be diminished with the consumption of the level of additional function which is not of rivalry purpose. Once the knowledge is shared, it will be considered as general and public source of good for the matter of fact that of its use to the society which could not be diminished on the consumption level of extra basis.

When this kind of knowledge and goodness is shared among the society and public the capacity or rate of restrictions for this kind of experience becomes limited. Hence this kind of experience becomes irresistible among the people or society. The economics of public in the traditional area makes the assumption of markets that are competitive, and against which leads t incentives of inadequate production of the sources as the producing sources will not be able to and lose the origins of the products that are being produced. Thus, the cost of the references will become higher and raised that of the benefits. The “Economists” of the society have mentioned a handful of reasons for the producing factors of science which is capable of determining the costs or expenses that are private in the process that is used to produce the goods so that it will be easy to collect the produced or manufactured goods. Here the benefits of the products that are provided are considered to create a significant impact on society. The primary and primary part here is the barriers in the area of technology that are very high and also is capable of leading the markets to a dangerous side.

The barriers in the area or field of technology here indicates the cost that is required to carry out the process of development, improvement and research of knowledge on new areas of science, for which the price and value have become extremely high due to the reason for the continuity of the technology which plays a central and essential role in the development or improvement in this kind of field or MBA Economics research assignment. The second factor is that this is caused due to the objective factors which are considered as strictly not to be excluded because of their nature. These factors will lead to the other factors aiding to benefits of knowledge in the area of science so that they will not be able to manufacture rights for their property on the goods that were being produced.
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