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The 5 P’s of Marketing – All must Know before Entering the Market

As said before, No.1 Assignment help is an online firm that provides an excellent and best service in assignments at affordable rates. Now let’s take the topic “5 P’s of marketing assignment” and how the online assignment writing help will be able to assist you. Marketing is the process of promoting and advertising the products or services that are already launched or newly launched in the market. In other words, marketing is a word that can also be known as researching and advertising. The central concept of marketing is to make the product or service reach the buyer and the customers. The critical aim of marketing is to satisfy, create and keep the customers and the buyers.

How Customer’s Focus Point Differs from 5 P’s Marketing strategy?

Customers are the primary focus of the marketing processes and its related activities. Marketing is considered as one of the essential and premium operations of the Business Management. As the method of marketing is based on customers and centralises the customer, it involves three central concepts. They are needs, wants and desires. Let’s see the first concept of the marketing process, the requirements. Obligations point out the necessary things or services that are required for the people’s life such as health, safety, stable, shelter, food, etc. The concept of “needs” denote the components and requirements of the public which should be fulfilled compulsory. It is not fulfilled it will show an adverse outcome such as death, poverty, dysfunction, crisis, etc. The next important concept of marketing is “wants”. This concept of “needs” is loosely based on the “needs,” i.e. the extra requirements of the customers and the sellers. These products and services are not necessaries or must-haves for the buyers and the customers. The concept of “wants” primarily denotes the products or services that are desired by the buyers and the customers and not the must-haves. These products and service are not essentials and is not required for basic survival. These are often based on the different cultures and lifestyles.

Demands – the Main Strategy must be Known by the Consumer:

The last concept of the process of marketing is the “demand”. The concept of “demands” denotes the products or services that are asked and economic must-haves. The situation and concept of “demands” occur only when the concept of “needs” and “wants” are backed or pushed by the ability or capability to pay. The products or services then end up becoming economic needs where people will be allowed or capable of demanding it instead of paying for it. Thus the concept of needs wants, and demands play an important role in the process of marketing and advertising. Now let’s discuss this assignment that is considered to be important and effective in the process of marketing. The 5 P’s of marketing assignment that is considered to be important and effective in the process of marketing is;

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • People
  • Promotion
  1. Product:

This is the first “P” of the concept of marketing. Product loosely denotes what you are selling and marketing. The main point here is that you should be able to establish your product effectively and should know well about the product. You should able to explain its purposes, its uses or benefits, its roles, etc. By following all of the above protocols, you will be able to achieve the complete target or goal that you are aiming for. If you work actively and are ready to put loads and loads of hard work then without the doubt, you will b able to achieve not only your target level. But you will be able to achieve more than that. You should be able to define your product and make it appear outstanding from other products. You should be able to make your products look different and good from others’ product in the market. You should work on your brand name, packaging, offers, appearances, etc. too.

  1. Price:

The next “P” of the concept of marketing denotes the work of pricing the products from its quality, service, purpose, size, etc. While following the process of pricing, few considerations and conditions should be followed by you. You should look deep into the details such as the cost of transportation, manufacturing, production, etc. The pricing process should include promotional activities such as offers, samples, discounts, etc. The pricing should include expenses and costs such as the advertising, transportation manufacturing, etc. too. By this, you will be able to sell your product or service at the good and reasonable price.

  1. Place:

The third “P” of the concept of marketing is “place”. This is the concept where you will be deciding the availability and location of the product or service. It can be put for availability on online, store or in both too. Another way or method of availability is that you can supply your products to an individual seller or distributor such as supermarkets, wholesale shops, departmental stores, etc. too. Here it is important to take note of the location and consider the location that is easily available for the buyers and the customers.

  1. People:

The next “P” of the concept of marketing is the “People”. Here people includes both you staffs who work for you and the customers or the buyers who opt t buy your product or services. The simple theory here is “customers do not come first employees come first. He explanation is when the employees are taken care of then they will take good care of the customers for you. Ou should hire staffs and employees who are well experienced or suitable for this work so that your product or service will get to a huge place in the market.

  1. Promotion:

Last but not least, the final “P” of the concept of marketing is the “Promotion”. This step should be taken only after finishing and going through the last five P’s of the concept of marketing. The primary purpose of the promotion process is to make your product or service reach the people. In other words, to improve the publicity level of your products or services it must be needed. You should be able to define your strategy of promotion, select the PR activities and other Medias responsible for development, advertising and marketing agency, etc. The central part here is you should compulsorily take part in the promotional organisation here too.

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