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The activity of Accounting is limited to reporting and making a summary of financial transactions in favour of users located both  externally  and internally , whereas financial management deals with   planning, monitoring , directing, organizing and controlling of resources of the transactions taking place in an  organization.
It may be mentioned that both Accounting vs Financial Management are equally popular in the market. While writing on an assignment related to Accounting and financial management ,Some of the major issues need to be incorporated as discussed below :

  • Accounting deals more  about identifying, processing, estimating , classifying and recording of financial transactions of the organisation. Whereas financial management take care of the effective and efficient management of the resources related to finances and economic resources
  • The prime  objective of accounting is to arrange  financial information using standard procedures and rules on the other hand.The objective of financial management is to maximise  profit  and wealth.
  • Accounting take care of  the financial data  to both internal and external users namely,  as creditors, analyst, Investors, rules and regulations , management, and regulatory body. Whereas financial management deals internally by the management of the business sector  for  planning and decision making.
  • Accounting is of  three categories viz. financial accounting, management accounting and cost accounting. On  the other hand, financial management consider the  process with financial planning  as well as  budgeting,  accounts record keeping, financial reporting and financial controls.
  • Accounting take care of  reporting the  past financial transactions in a meaningful format of financial statements whereas financial management involves future planning  by analysing and interpretation of financial reports.
  • Accounting presents  the financial status  of the Company whereas financial management provides  a holistic view of the business activities and allocate insight into the future wealth generation.
  • In the case of accounting, estimation  of   fund is based on accrued basis whereas treatment of funds is based on cash flows basis  in financial management.
  • The goal of  accounting is in collection  and presentation of  data in a meaningful way  whereas financial manager utilise this data for the purpose of  financial decision making.

MBA Accounting and Financial Management Assignment Help

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In above prospective while writing on  Accounting vs Financial Management paper, Assignment Help has observed  both Accounting vs Financial management have  taken  a crucial role in all type of organization. The activity of Accounting is desired  input for the financial managerial  function of any kind of businesses. Superior  financial management is very  important for the effectiveness of  utilization of economic resources owned  by  the organization. The rules of Accounting limits the reports and summary of financial transactions for the use of external and internal agencies , whereas financial management is about planning, directing, monitoring, organizing and controlling of the monetary resources of an organization to achieve the objectives. Every person or business gets involved in some kind of economic activity. Accounting and Financial management are related to such  extent that accounting becomes  an important input in decision making. Still, they are not identical and may differ in the treatment of funds. Accounting involves preparation  and examining old  financial records whereas, financial management is related to planning to achieve its various financial parameters.
Add up the advantages between Accounting and financing
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