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The Project Manager has a lot of responsibilities to implement the project at par schedule and by application of an optimum amount of spending money and utilization of the project funds which is sanctioned by management for completion of a certain project. It is also important that the quality of the project should not compromise for any kind of reason. The reasons due to which the quality can be made to compromise are due to the complexity of documentation, continual revision of legislation, the stakeholder’s interest, and unexpected obstruction on the portal.

ITC lawyers assimilate and integrate practical experience with updated minute apprehension of law related to the provision of complex and practical questions. ITC Project Management takes care of expertise in spotting the risks and production issues. This activity also takes care of Negotiation, logical, and correct documentation to correctly allocate the risks is also the activity area for the unit in question.

While preparing ITC Project Management Assignment in MBA, it must be made sure that you discuss the following features :
This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s Defining what is the methodology and the role it plays in project management.

  • Review and Study about various methodologies as stated.
  • Choose two methodologies from this list for analysing the similarities and
  • Differences.
  • Finally, identifying how you chose the methodologies
    cycle, PLC:

List of project methodologies and processes

  • Agile XP
  • Unified process (Object-Oriented Approach)
  • Waterfall
  • Agile Scrum


  • Related to management,
  • Related to the project management knowledge areas,
  • common tools and techniques, and
  • project success factors.

MBA ITC Project Management Assignment Help

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The manager of the project has a responsibility to complete the project on time and with the optimum utilization of the funds which are available for the accomplishment of the project. The quality of the project is not to be compromised for any reason. The reasons for which the quality can be compromised are complex documentation, constantly changing legislation, the contrast of interest of the stakeholders, as well as unexpected hurdles on the portal

ITC lawyers integrate practical stream experience with up to the minute comprehension of construction law to provide complex to practical queries. ITC Project Management provides expertise in identifying risks and producing. Negotiating appropriate documentation to appropriately allocate those risks is also an area for this unit.
The specialized construction law services provide an additional range of cost-effective legal assistance from convincing transactions to compound litigation.

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