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While writing on Management and leadership, a Critical Perspective Assignment Help, the issue related to Scientific management also called Taylorism to be considered. It is considered a theory related to management and its analysis and the labour force to improve of productivity. The idea was invented by Frederick Winslow Taylor during 1880 and 1890 and was first published as a written document. At that time, it was believed that any decisions making depending upon traditional thumb rule replacing the accurate procedures that are developed after a study of an individual work of labour.

It is to be noted that Scientific styled management is a distinct part of ‘efficiency’; which was conceived during the 19th and 20th centuries, were examples of large recurring issues of human life that was enlarged efficiency, diminishing waste produced and exerting experiential procedure. This dictates positive matters rather than accepting pre-existing ideas. Today’s Management is the greatest user of scientific management is in a form improved and developed method of carrying out business.
Leadership in MBA

It has the capability to guide one’s followers effectively and efficiently. The followers should help to execute the mission. It is basically a science although immature to some extent and the knowledge in this field has been conceptualised by means of a series of dynamic continual methods. Leadership is an easier type of science, just like the subject of :

  • Anthropology,
  • Psychology ,and
  • Sociology

The quality of Leadership is basically an art; and its skilful application of the above techniques, is similar to skilful application of brushstrokes by a painter. Leadership is rational and at the same time emotional in character.

Leadership: A Critical Perspective Assignment Help For MBA

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The subject of Leadership also linked to political activity similar to the activity of power. Alternatively , it is much more than transformation related leadership. Political processes apply efforts by members of the organization to strengthen their power. Although the ultimate source of political power is linked with :

  • Authority
  • Control over resources,
  • or control over information,

Political power act to influence processes that transform and increases the initial basis of power in its specific way.
Karl Marx
Marxist’s thought is based on this lifestyle, a science of logic called Dialectics. Thus, Marxism is both a theory and a practice. The theories of Marxism are based on a scientific method of thought called dialectal materialism.
Michel Foucault
Michel Foucault’s studies challenged the German political philosophers Karl Marx and Austrian Sigmund Freud. Foucault , prepared new concepts that challenged previous concepts on the following aspects :

  • prisons,
  • the police,
  • insurance,
  • care of the mentally ill,
  • gay rights, and
  • welfare (Ron, 2000).

Critical analysis
Marx critique of capitalisms
Capitalism is the system that upholds the relationship between the owners of an industry with production and workers. The former termed meant to comprise the bourgeois class and the latter the proletariat

A Critical Perspective in leadership Assignment Writing For MBA Students

Commodity Fetishism Labour Power

To be clear about what the capitalist has bought, a worker apply and sell not his labour but capacity to work. This was called by Marx labour power. Also, Marx defines as ‘labour power is the abstraction of human labour into something that can be exchanged for money.” In addition, capitalism can purchase labour power as a commodity.
Marx stated that :use the term labour power and denote the aggregate of those bodily and mental capabilities existing in a human being, which the labour applies whenever he produces any kind of useful product.

Capitalism Power

As Campbell (1981:34) describes, ‘as in slavery, where the producers themselves are owned by the slavery owners; in feudalism where the land is owned by the landlords; or in capitalism where machinery and factories are owned by capitalists.’ In capitalism, the ‘machineries and factories’ are not the only thing owned by capitalists, he also owns his labour force. In addition, labour power is a commodity which is bought and sold on the ‘labour’ market, This is Marxist critique of capitalism, because it has an exchange value. As Campbell (1981: 38) says ‘like all commodities , power has an exchange value, its price ,the wage, yet again like all commodities, it also has use value to the purchaser.’

Exploitation and Alienation

In case of Marx theory , this alienation works as a process, but it can be broken up into 3 different aspects for analysis. The first aspect of alienation under analysis is how do the workers are alienated from the product they produce. Under capitalism, the object the workers that he produce is surrendered for the wages they receive. The workers then lose any relation to the product he produced , because they are handing it over.
Foucault disciplinary Power

By moving away from the economics of Marx, one can looks at power and reconceptualises it. Management as a representation of power relations with the society. Specific rules maintain, regulate and institutionalize practices in a work environment that comprise office, factory, school, etc.
Power- Disciplinary power – the panopticon as an illustration of society, the middle tower is all seeing yet prisoners always obey without knowing for certain whether they are being monitored, by whom or by how many. The result is the creation of self-regulating, obediency and disciplined prisoners .

Critical Analysis on Leadership

Northouse (2007) stated that the current dominant leadership paradigm is the transformation approaches which is a process that changes and transforms people. The elements at the heart of transformational leadership are: idealised influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individual consideration.

Critical Analysis on Scientific management

The Marxist theory of capital sees labour as a cost of production resulting in the alienation of workers as the need for labour surfaces from the physical needs “defined by the fundamental relationship between humans and their physical environment.”
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