Marketing Mega Concept: The Circle of Satisfaction Case Study Answer

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Assessment 3: End of Semester Case Study [ESCS]

Learning objective: To ensure that students have met the unit learning outcomes.

Business objective: To create a document that demonstrates a student’s knowledge of marketing and may form part of a student’s portfolio when applying for a position.

Task: The Circle of Satisfaction is a marketing mega-concept unique to this unit. Students are required to provide a brief overall explanation of this mega-concept then create a case study using either Kmart [Australia] or Bunnings [select one] as an example to demonstrate their full understanding of each of the steps in the Circle of Satisfaction. The case study should showcase student’s knowledge of the principles of the marketing concept and the practice of a marketing philosophy. Discussions should explain the selected product/organisation through the various stages of the Circle of Satisfaction. Images [photographs and diagrams] are expected.

Students may undertake this project individually [2600 – 3000 word limit- excluding end text references] or as a team of 2 students [3900- 4500 word limit - excluding end text references]. Please ensure your student name(s) and number(s) is included at the start of the work and again no ECU coversheet is required. This document is then uploaded using the submission link under – assessment 3 on Blackboard.

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Format: A Word document, the normal font style is Arial 11, and single-spacing is preferred. Bold, colour, and/or text boxes may be employed to emphasis key points. Titles and headings will be up to the students’ discretion. No magazine style cover page is required. The document should include a footer - with the title of the article and the page number – no header is required. Images are expected [minimum 1 image].

As this is a marketing unit, quality and creativity are expected. References are needed – but the end text references are not part of the word count [note- you do not need to reference the e-book 'The Marketing concept'as it would then appear all throughout your work].

Note: As this is assessment is worth 40 marks a considerable effort is required; history suggests - 1 hour per mark.


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