There is a growing interest in a coordinated approach between educational institutions and workplaces to support continuing education and training (CET) for contemporary workers. Each of the two sites (i.e. educational institutions and workplaces) contributes to the richness of learning in particular ways through a process which combines learning through workplace activities and interactions supported by expert input from trainers either on- or off-site, or using projects, such as in action learning. The learning is often accredited and leads to certification.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of learning in educational institutions and workplaces for continuing education and training (i.e. not entry level), and recommend and justify a continuing education and training model that incorporates both sites for an identified group of worker-learners. Describe how different actors (managers, employers, co-workers, trainers) can contribute to improving those workers’ ongoing learning within that model. Identify any particular challenges with implementing the suggested model and strategies to overcome the difficulties.


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