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SWOT Analysis: It is an outstanding criterion for the marketing management study analysis. SWOT analysis deals with the internal and external factors of any business organization of repute. The internal factors that comprise merits and demerits while the external ones signify opportunities and threats in a specific business. Assignment Help has provided assignment writing help services on SWOT.

PESTLE Analysis: This is also one of the various factors affecting the business activity of any organization. There are five factors, namely - political, economic, social, technical, and legal. In this Business research topic for MBA students of marketing management study, they are assigned a business situation of any company. They need to find a solution with the help of these five variable factors, as mentioned above.

The remarkable 4 Ps of marketing: These 4 P's of Marketing Assignment comprise of the following aspects, namely:

  • Product,
  • Price,
  • Place, and
  • Promotion.

Recently, a fifth P is also inducted, which is "people." In assigning the students marketing management, they first need to study and research on all these five factors that affect the business profits of the given organization.

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Excellent and proper promotion activity of the product offered or services is a significant factor for the profitability of a business product. There are multiple modes of promotion in online marketing, consisting of a market survey and many other activities. All these factors need to be adequately addressed and applied to make sure the future business gains.

Market Segmentation: It is a tremendous vital factor for the business sector to carry out a very proper market-dissection as per the database available from the target customers. Division of the market into suitable segments based on the purchasing power, age, sex, culture, religion, customs, and several other factors of the consumers depends on the nature of the business. If you offer the product at higher prices, you need to target more top purchasing customers.

Market Positioning: This is the most prevalent marketing Business research topic for MBA students. It helps providers study items where they would like to do a proper market position of a newly launched product or service to a new consumer population. It is the procedure about how you promote your product in the market for a future boost up of sales.

Market Survey: It is also a prevalent study topic. Here it would be best if you made well-defined Questions and answers help for students in preparing a well-defined questionnaire and conduct an extensive market survey in a new make targeting a specific group of customers.

Building Brand Loyalty: This thing is crucial for flourishing the business. If the customers become a custom brand loyal to a company's product or service, they will surely become regular customers of a product of that business house. In a study report, a student can elaborate on the methods for building strong brand loyalty.

Supply Chain And Logistics: These are common Marketing Assignment examples. The supply chain is very vital for any business. A well-defined well-organized supply chin framework can transport goods across the country or the globe.

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