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29 Jul 2020 04:21:13 AM

Any organization that has employees are the persons who are responsible for carrying out activities related to the operational process. This job is the crucial job of managers and HR professionals for organizing the employees to bring effectiveness in employees' performances. This can be accomplished if the employees are viewed as assets and not like liabilities. 

Without good HR, human resources, a business house cannot prosper with a good working team., and working professionally. Its significant activity is recruiting, training, performance appraisals, employee relationships, the cultivation of workplace communicated safety, and many more. HRM advises the management of how employees can be managed strategically as business resources.

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Difference between Personnel Management (PM) and Human Resource Management (HRM) In An Organization: 

PM deals with the management of the workforce and their relationship with the company. HR is concerned with the optimum usage of the workforce and deals with man-management.

Approach and Focus: HR is traditional where human resources are considered a resource and follow modern outlook to build the workforce and are treated as assets.

Function: Employees routinely follow the service with less scope of any challenges at work.

Task Delegation: The task is delegated in a generalized manner. Employees in the Archipelago Restaurant handle multiple roles with no explicit specialization.

Decision Management: The central authority takes the decision. Management makes Critical decisions only if they are the founders.


  • Involving Only Individual Teams
  • Integrating Different Cross-Functional Teams

Role of Management

  • Perform Its Transactional Role In Dealing With Employees.
  • It Also Performs A Transforming Role With Employees.

Compensation: It is based on the role and responsibilities of the employee.

This effectiveness of the HR functions can be assessed as: 

  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Reward Management
  • Payroll Administration

Management of Performance: It comprises monitoring, recording, and assessment of employee's performance through observation, peer review, meetings, etc.

Giving Training: Training function develops the skill of employees to cope with environmental issues and new issues like technology, customer trends, etc.

Relationship: This function of HR benefits to make a healthy function with leading people between management and employees.

Planning of HR: HR Planning determines the current inventory of employees within a business house and forecasts future workforce needs to meet its established objectives. Matching between employee's skills and job roles is the responsibility of HR.

Some of the motives for Human Resource Planning are:

  • Need For Manpower In Future
  • Uncertainty Management
  • Change Management
  • Skill Management of Employees
  • Maintains The Balance Of Manpower
  • Employee Management
  • Budget Planning

HR is responsible for job evaluation and other factors that determine the pay package of an organization.

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Process of Job Elevation 

  • Gaining Acceptance
  • Creating the Job Evaluation Committee
  • Finding Jobs To Be Evaluated
  • Analyzing And Preparing The Job Description
  • Selecting The Method Of Evaluation
  • Classifying Jobs

Installing the Program: This exercise is conducted through surveys, which is practiced as an annual routine and is further updated annually:

Office Attendance: Employers understand the training need as time off illness, death of relatives, holidays, etc. Regular absenteeism of an employee at work is subjected to getting sacked as it deteriorates the company's productivity, profits, and morale.

Performance:  Poor performances like missing to achieve the assigned targets, failure to keep deadlines, negligence of duty, etc. despite multiple opportunities for improving them can get terminated.

Bad Attitude And Behavior: Company desire that the employees are keeping with a certain standard of dignity at the workplace with the management, fellow workers, vendors, and customers. Any misbehaving with customers, theft of official articles or breaking of secrecy, maligning lousy name to the company, drug, alcoholic nature, etc. might result in employee termination.

If we consider the effect of the law and regulatory rules framed on employment training arrangements in an organization such as The KFC, it will be proved that the above statements are justified and to be true.


It may be concluded at last that we should consider that HRM is a vital department of an organization in achieving continued success in business. The assignment writing highlights that any organization should overcome the multiple challenges they face while implementing the company's policy and strategies of the HR department. The report also analyses the importance and role of the HR department as an organization keeps growing in size.

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