The term service innovation is applied to refer to many objectives. These comprise:

  • Innovation In-Services
  • In-Service Products
  • New or Improved Service Products

At Assignment Help, we are compared with innovative technology so that service products can contain technological elements.

The leading research agency TEKES of Finland expresses service innovation as a novel or phenomenal service concept, which is considered and practiced. It may be an example of a new interaction with customers, a distribution method, a technological theme, or a combination of all of them. A service innovation always comprises replicable elements that can be located and reproduced following a system in other areas or environments. The reproducible item may be the service outcome or process as a part of them.

Managing Product & Service Innovation Assignment: The contribution of service innovation is a distinct advantage for both the service provider and the customers, and it develops competition. Service innovation is also a product that is based on some technology. In reality, change cannot be successful in any novel technology by itself, but the innovation can be activated in the non-technological sector too. Service innovations may have new solutions in the customer contacts, new distribution process with a new application of technology, or new forms of operation with the supply chain or new way of services.

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Any innovation process cannot be carried out without any preparation. A proper development not only develops the chances of success, but it can also allot priority. For this reason it is crucial to start an innovative journey with an extensive, elaborate, and creative assignment. This presses the top management, from the very beginning, to be strict about the marketing group for which the changes are essential. This formulates the guidelines for any working team. Innovation can be expressed with the help of the following six elements:

  • Why is the change needed?
  • Who are the customers?
  • What are the target distribution channels, regions, countries, or continents?
  • What are the evolutionary products, services, or business models?
  • When will it be introduced?
  • What are the criteria the new concepts should satisfy?

The top management should answer the above queries with an innovation focus. Often your board cannot decide on the criteria the new concepts that are required to be satisfied. Management has to go a long way with the following queries:

  • Turnover: How much turnover must an innovative idea should realize during the coming three years?
  • Profitability: What profit margin should the new concept achieve?
  • Question about the new concept: Is it unique to the market, country, or the world?
  • Attractiveness: How attractive should the new product concept able to satisfy the target group?
  • Product Gossip: To what extent should the customers discuss the new product concept?
  • Position: How the new product concept will be matching into the current brand position?
  • Productivity: To what extent will it be obliged to make the new product concept ourselves?
  • Strategic fitness: How should the new product concept fit into the organizational strategy?

Therefore, after discussion with top management, one can collectively formulate which criteria the new product ideas must meet and determine the ambition levels.

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A real-life example of an innovation assignment is here:

  • To meet the future competition and as an efficient partner related to the supplying of temporary and full-time jobs for the agricultural market, one has to link up intimately to the top of the farming market. Develop new or renewed and attractive services related to labor farmers and nurseries in our working area.
  • The concept of directing ourselves in the first place amongst the top companies as far as size in greenhouse farming, dairy farming, and pig farming. The innovative, novel services should gain potential turnover within three years after its introduction, with a minimum profit margin of 5%.
  • This innovation assignment to the MBA students provides direction and manages the requirement of both the top management, considering the members of the innovation team. Students can freely download a checklist on how to write on the topic of innovation assignment at the websites related to the innovation method.

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