I did the attached assignment, but I received feedback to change/add in the last Question. Kindly read the assignment all to understand what I am writing then Rewrite only. Assessor feedback as below. Describe appropriate actions to enhance their leadership behavior in the context of the particular leadership model. There are 24 Marks available for this question. There are 24 Marks available for this question, and you need to write more than you have already. You must expand on your answer and describe how you are going to address the Action Points and most importantly - when. Putting a date to achieve these Action Points will help you focus on making them. As you know if something has a ‘deadline’ – it will get done. You mention that people have commented on your ‘Tunnel Vision’ and the fact you do not inform Team members that the ‘Targets’ have changed, please explain how you will address these as well as the other improvements you mention.


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