An analytical report in an article format: the Main task You are the Marketing Communication Analyst for a global advertising agency with headquarters in London. You have been given the task of writing an article providing insight into how UK supermarkets have integrated offline and online marketing communications to build their brands. For the first part of your essay you should report your research findings on the marketing communications of two UK supermarkets paying attention to the following aspects:

  • What proportion of their marketing communications budget is allocated to offline and online marketing communications?
  • Their use of marketing research to help them understand their customers
  • The various forms that their advertising takes
  • How the supermarkets use the content online to engage with their customers?
  • The role that corporate communications play in building brand loyalty for the supermarkets
  • You are then required to compare and contrast the marketing communications of the two selected supermarkets, setting out the theory and practice of brand building and the extent to which each supermarket has used marketing communication strategies and tactics to build competitive advantage.

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