Give a brief description of the situation outlined in the case study. b. Issues - Outline what you see as the key issues the case study participants face. Clearly state the issues presented, and WHY you see them as key. This recitation of the facts outlined in the case. c. Possible Solutions - Outline what you see as three (3) possible solutions to the issues you’ve outlined above . Each solution should be accompanied by an analysis, detailing its potential strengths and weaknesses. You also need to consider here what is possible for the participants to do, and what they might be WILLING to do. d. Recommendation - Clearly state which solution you would recommend to solve the issues presented and what management need to do to implement your solution. e. Risks - This section is basically “what could go wrong?” That is, if management adopts your solution, what could happen? What might happen if they don’t? Please note that in this case study you will have to analyse the situations and then write down the things. I have also attached the powerpoint slides of my lectures so you can get ideas from there. In the last pages of case study, Optional discussion questions are given and you can only take three of them on which you can make points.


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