Introduction: Our lecture has concluded what you can include and use swot for summarizing the case study:

  • Link with managerial/leadership grid (Robert R. Blake, Ash ridge Model, Hersey and Blanchard's...). Then point out the leadership style/type, justify with theory/models. Also can talk about the managerial/leadership skills (can look for Container's).
  • All about influencing styles, write only FIVE. One of the theories/models can look for Yuk. And also elaborate on how does Schultz communicate with the stakeholders, and this goes to question 3...
  • Define who the stakeholders are? How does Vonda phone take care of the stakeholders?
  • Write about the change process, then the barriers of changes, supported by the practical approach of cases that overcome & manage change/the change methods. Conclusion, highlight the essence of the case, support with models.

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