"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart." – Joe Chernov

Marketing makes business alive and thriving in the long run. It is a study and management of exchanging relationships to satisfy customers. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Customer is God", great marketing focuses on the customer and makes him feel smart over the transaction. In the last few decades, marketing has evolved due to technological development around the world. There is a paradigm shift in marketing strategies due to the digitalization of businesses. If you have any questions like “How to Write a Marketing Assignment?” then please contact our live team.

To write a marketing assignment, it is pertinent to define marketing.  There are various definitions for marketing, and the best could be that of marketing guru Philip Kotler which defines marketing as:

"Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process".

It can also be the process of satisfying customer requirements profitably by a management process. Overall marketing is about customer satisfaction 100 % without any let outs. Since marketing plays a crucial role in the survival and success of any business, marketing assignments gain prominence in management studies. The marketing assignments are one of the critical elements of management studying students to obtain their graduations in flying colors.

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The marketing assignment contains three vital components, which include:


The topic should be in one or two pages and provide the introduction and definition from authors. The problem could be of anything from Pricing Strategy or Market Segmentation. Write from your research and experience and never copy from the internet or others. Nowadays, with the high technological plagiarism tools, it is easy to find out even from where it is copied. Also, the professors have enough to find out at first glance if the content is copied or not. So, write in your own words about the topic in detail by using impeccable grammar along with professional and appropriate words.

Case Study:

For case studies, it is pertinent to choose the product. Care and concern are necessary to select a unique product. It should be one of any other students in the class. If that is the case knowingly or unknowingly, it will amount to cheating and hurt the professors. It is better to visit a nearby store of any kind and select a fast-moving or a rare product. The product could be of any make or for any use it should be observed in detail about its origin and its need among the customers. The overall demand and supply will determine its reach. Survey the market for these details, so that it will enable you to know how to write marketing assignment and case study from your findings. Also, you can get the best tips by our Best Assignment Writers.

The Survey should Include the Following Among Others:

  • Take your professor's help in identifying the product of the study
  • Average sales of the product
  • Compare it with similar products in the market
  • Discounts offered
  • Schemes offered
  • Order time of the product and its rival products
  • Delivery time
  • Customer satisfaction of the product

Important Points Necessary for Surveys:

The survey can be in the form of simple household questionnaires or shop to shop for inquiries.  The following is essential to convert the survey data into the case studies.

  • Take only relevant data to the topic
  • Do not even evade small piece of information that is vital for the assignment
  • Avoid any unnecessary data and details which could complicate the marketing assignment.  It could confuse not only you but also the Professors who go through the case studies for evaluation.


It is the last part of the assignment and one which could fetch you the much-needed grade you wanted. Hence it should contain all the salient features of the topic and the case study in brief.  Also, care should be taken even to add small vital information like the following:

  • How a change in packaging affects sales?
  • Discount offers and their reach to the customers
  • Increase or decrease in the price of the product and its impact on the sales and customer satisfaction

Customers Satisfaction

These small details in the form of data could demonstrate the effort taken painstakingly by you to the professors. Also, it will be an additional proof of your originality in the finding of the product and its reach to the customers' satisfaction.

Marketing Assignments may look like mammoth tasks in the beginning, but when done with interest and understanding of the topic, it could be an enjoyable experience. Also, this experience will be not only helpful to finish learning the marketing strategies but also for successful and prosperous future marketing or management career. Moreover, some Assignment Samples are available in this site for guidance.


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