The marketing research proposal is one to get approval for writing the marketing research. You may be a student of marketing or a product manager, the requirement for writing a marketing research proposal is the same. It can be either as a Marketing Assignment or to support a brand or product. So, it is now the question of how to write the marketing proposal to get the high grades from the professor.

What is a Marketing Proposal?

Marketing proposal can be defined as "a plan that offers ideas for conducting research," or it can also be described as a proposal which details all the "How to Write a Marketing Research Proposal?" Questions with the information along with the budget for it. The 'Why' questions are the Who, When. Where, What, & How.

Purpose & Scope of Marketing Research Proposal:

The primary purpose of the proposal is to state that the question the research will try to answer. For a project with significant scope, Gantt Chart will be appropriate.

It may also be an Attempt to find Out the Following:

  • How to introduce a new product?
  • Why are sales lagging on an excellent product?
  • Why is the ultimate goal vital?
  • What are the estimate and timeline?

Five Steps to Writing a Marketing Research Proposal:

The following simple five steps will enable us to write a fantastic marketing research proposal for full grades or funds.


Introduction as in a marketing research paper is the face and the crucial part of the project. If it is not up to the expectation of the reader, there is a minimum chance for the remaining portion to be read. Hence the introduction should be as brief as possible, which is three to four sentences at the most. It should contain the contents in brief, along with what the reader is expected to do after reading it. If it is an assignment, the professor should get an overall idea of what the research is going to be for approving the study.  If it is for a product launch, the boss should get an idea of what is funds is going to get in return for funding the research.


It is pertinent to define the purpose well in the proposal. It is the reason for the study. Moreover, also the result of the research. Hence the objective should be precise and up to a point in clearly establishing the goals for the analysis. However smaller they reason may it should be included to give a comprehensive picture of the study to be conducted. Also, the result of the study is to be explained in detail. It should be in a way to impress the professor for his/her full assistance for the research. In the case of the boss, it should be emphasizing how is money is going to be spent.

Research Nature:

The nature of the research should be explained clearly and easily.  It could be even read by persons who are not acquainted with the marketing research terms and ways. Hence to write the marketing research proposal only and quickly for even a layperson could understand by reading it is necessary. Only then it may get the reach across many people to be approved or sanctioned.

Target Customers:

For any marketing research, the customer is God.  Satisfying the customer is the ultimate goal of any market research.  Only by the complete satisfaction of the customer in the paper, it will be possible on the ground. Hence the ways and means to find the target customers and fulfilling their requirements to obtain their satisfaction should be the target of the proposal.

Marketing Research Proposal – Questions

  • Who are the people to buy the product|?
  • How do they look like in the demographic terms?
  • What is the sex of the target customers?
  • What age profile the target customers will fit for the product?
  • What could be the marital and family status of the target customers?

All these questions have to be answered in the marketing research proposal to provide the correct samples to them during the actual research. Also, if you have any query, then you can contact Best Assignment Writers and clear it out with the help of them.


It is the most crucial part of the plan for its approval by the professor and sanctioning of funds by the boss. It carries more weight in the case of boss since it is the company which is going to sponsor the research. Hence care and concern should be given in writing the exact budget details to get it sanctioned.

It Should Include the Following Questions to be Answered Rightly:

  • How much is the cost of the research?
  • What does the budget cover?
  • Will the budget include the cost of producing the advertising concepts?
  • Will be there any hidden expenses in the future?
  • What if the research needs further allocations?

The above five steps will enable you to know how to write a marketing research proposal, a profound marketing research proposal. Moreover, know about assignment format and also get Assignment Samples here.


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