The term ITC is "Information and Communication Technologies," which refers to technologies capable of accessing data and useful information through telecommunications. However, it has similarities with Information Technology, which is linked to communication technologies.

The benefits of ICT projects are in introducing new hardware and software and new product development linking with the project. This process model permits organizations and project groups to detect and develop their processes and product development through continual process refining. Many industries have such standardized models.

What is an ICT project?

ICT project results in the development and installation of new projects related to a software product. It is found that many projects are "hybrids" type; that is, they consist of multiple, independent sub-projects that should be managed separately

ITC Project Management AssignmentA project defined as upgrading a commercial business with the help of an organization can speed up their business planning. The whole business model is for the benefits of the customer, the stakeholder's relation, and the client's satisfaction. This is because with client's satisfaction mission and values of an organization always scattered. This Assignment on ICT Project Management does not apply the full range of Project Management activities, tools, and techniques.

In general, project management of ICT projects, the project manager is responsible for planning, the scope of work, cost estimate, schedule, resource, and control projects that include such hybrid requirements.

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It has been found that ICT projects are compared to civil construction projects. There is some marked difference exists between these and ICT kind of projects. These include but are not limited to:

Civil construction does not consider unproven raw material or un proof of conceptual tasks as part of the project. ICT may introduce the application of new hardware, software, and new product development linked with the project. These create a kind of project risk not usually encountered in civil projects.

ICT and software development industry is found to be process-focused through the use of specific maturity models like CMMI, Capability Maturity Model Integration, which is registered to the Software Engineering Institute included in Carnegie Mellon University.

It has been found out that the frequency of updating of a non-functional development of ICT software meets anything needed in construction. As an example, it is common that the original and necessary cost of software development is estimated at only a fraction of its life cycle costs, including maintenance cost, enhancement cost, and technical up-gradation costs like MS Windows, Unix, migration, conversion, and many more. In civil work, the original building cost is often found to most expensive one of the overall costs.

Why is Scope Management Critical?

It has been reported that scope management is critical for making the project successful compared to any other knowledge areas. Therefore, about 60 - 99% of all hidden defects in production software can be attributed to phase requirements. Since project scope management never guarantees perfect conditions, identifying scope determines what is within the range or not.

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ICT type industry is a recent one compared to many established industries such as construction; in all cases, it is a fast-growing tendency.

Scope management has been proven significantly can address five out of six reasons cited for cost exceeding and uncontrolled growth of the project:

  • Low User Input,
  • Incomplete Requirements
  • Variable Requirements,
  • The incompetence of Technology, and
  • Unusual Expectations.

It is wiser that Scope management is carried out by an independent expert manager who has proper training in:

  • Project Management,
  • Customer Communication,
  • Software Estimate,
  • Documentation,
  • Functional Measurement,
  • Software Measurement,
  • Change Management

Scope of manager and responsibilities

It has been reported that most effective scope managers are software measurement practitioners who are experts in software development and subject matter. The expert's observation and measure are free from vested interest, unbiased, and independent assessment of project risk, quality, and status. We have considered this approach to be very successful in quantifying critical project attributes to decision making in project estimates and project management.

Types of ICT projects

Seven distinct ICT project category has been identified. The definition also defines a four-character of technical abbreviation, which is only applied to help the collection of statistics and tool data entry. We suggest the use of the full ICT Project Type classification for identification and project management.

New software development project: It is for the creation of a new software product. Any Software product is developed for use by multiple numbers of customers. It may be either standalone software or embedded product.

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