The exceptional quality of leadership is its ability to guide his people or team. The follower helps to finish the mission. It is considered an immature science and the body of knowledge in the sector where it originated through fits and starts. Leadership is a class of soft science, similar to:

  • Anthropology,
  • Sociology and
  • Psychology

The leadership may be considered as an art. This also involves in the political field like power activity; in reality, it is more like transformational leadership.

Leadership Critical Perspective Assignment is considered as the term that describes a diverse group of people who have adopted the critical or questionable approaches to management during recent years.

Management And Leadership: Scientific management, also known as Taylorism, is a management theory that analyzes and manufactures workflows to improve labor productivity. The idea was developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor between 1880 and 1890, and it was the first published as written documents. Management of science is distinctive on 'efficiency'; created by him during the 19th and 20th centuries were instances of a significant recurring theme in human life.

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Karl Marx, A Great Leader

Marxist theory is based on his kind of lifestyle, like a science of logic known as Dialectics. Thus, Marxism is both theories as ethical as practice. The theory of Marxism is based on scientific methods of thought known as dialectical materialism. It is based on a particular component of conditions that are finite, and thus, any hence it also has limitations.

Critical theory has committed to the idea of modernity and progress. At the same time, it shows how modernity features can become a problem for individuals and society. This is much reflected in the 21st century, though there is progress in multiple sectors, issues like globalization tend to pose severe problems for the community.

Critical Analysis: Marx Critique Of Capitalisms

The term Capitalism is a system that supports the relationship between the owners of the production and workforce. The former called the bourgeois class of people. Critiques of Marxism and his capitalism was applicable. At the same time, this system had enormous power and potential to change human society positively. It is a fact it created in exploitation and ultimately limited the possibility for further development.

According to Marx, labor sells his ability, not energy, while working. He defined this as labor power. He also described labor power as the abstraction of human labor into something that can be exchanged for money.

Exploitation and Alienation:  Marx thought this alienation activates as a process, but it can be further broken down into three different categories for analysis. The first element of support that the workers are attracted to the product they produce. Under capitalism, the objective of the workers produce is surrendering himself for the wages they receive.

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Critical Analysis of Leadership

Over the process of influence, a leader it needs power. Leaders are usually considered as wielders of power because they are the persons who dominate the workforce. It is regarded as the basis of leadership, according to many political theorists. People get to control when they can be the ability to affect others in the sense of beliefs, attitudes, and actions.

Critical Analysis of Scientific Management

Marx thought labor as a cost of production, generating workers' alienation as the need for labor force originated from the physical requirements. Therefore, leadership may be considered proactive – solving problems, looking ahead, and never being satisfied with the things they have.

A divine vision provides the basis of leadership. But leaders can motivate and inspire the labor force helps them deliver their vision.

When you start a new project, you will have lots of enthusiasm in favor of it, so it is easy to win support for it at the initial stage. Leaders understand this, and they work hard all the way the project to connect their vision with people's requirements, goals, and aspirations.

Managing Delivery of the Vision

This is a sector of leadership related to management. Leaders must make sure that the work needs to be delivered with proper management of vision. Leader delegates this responsibility – and the alienation need to be ensured that their vision is delivered successfully.

Team members need to perform goals that are linked to the team's overall vision. This article on Performance Management and Key Performance Indicators, explains one way of achieving, and our Project Management explain it to others.

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